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Conjunctivitis, when to consult ?

With the pandemic currently raging in several countries of the world, it is more than vital to find a professional’avoid at all costs to’To prevent you from getting another disease and maintain optimal health. L’As the eye is a master organ of the human body, it is among the first victims of bacteria and microbes. Among the most common eye diseases is conjunctivitis.

How to recognize conjunctivitis ? What treatments are recommended ? The answers in this post.

How to recognize conjunctivitis ?

To recognize conjunctivitis, it is important to know how to treat it’know the definition and the symptoms. You can visit specialized sites such as for find health professionals in your city to be able to’make a reliable diagnosis.

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is caused by’that is, the transparent membrane that protects the eyeball and the eyelids. D’In general, this disease is the result of a lack of eye care’an allergy, d’irritation or irritation of the eyes’a virus. Sometimes it is caused by bacteria.

consult an ophthalmologist for conjunctivitis

In the case of’allergic conjunctivitis, remove pollen, dust and hair from your eyes’animals are the main causes. As for irritative conjunctivitis, it often results from repeated sea baths and from’a strong wind. It does not’It is also not uncommon for this form of illness to be related to fatigue, simply.

In principle, conjunctivitis lubricates and moisturizes the surface of the eye’eye. You will know that you have this disease when you have the following symptoms’one of these common symptoms:

  • the white part of the’eye and eye’The inside of the eyelids are red;
  • An itching accompanied by tingling causes you to rub your eyes often;
  • If you have conjunctivitis, you may notice watery eyes, secretions and small crusts around your eyes.

It is not’is also not uncommon’conjunctivitis is manifested by nasal congestion, repetitive sneezing or nasal discharge.

How to treat conjunctivitis ?

To treat conjunctivitis, you have the choice between To destroy bacteria, he or she will recommend, for example, antibiotic eye drops or saline solution’self-medication. Both options have advantages and disadvantages. The decision also depends on the severity of the cases.

Indeed, the’intervention of’It is strongly recommended to consult an ophthalmologist when the symptoms persist or when there is an’no result n’If you opt for a more fruity bottle, you will find that the effect is noticeable after 2 or 3 days of treatment.

An ophthalmologist can prescribe you an adapted treatment It must be divided into several functional areas. To destroy the bacteria, he will recommend, for example, antibiotic eye drops or saline solution. To reduce certain symptoms, such as itching and swelling, he may also prescribe lubricating eye drops.

If you opt for the’self-medication, some precautions are still necessary. For example, you should wash your hands carefully and frequently throughout the day. Also, avoid touching your eyes or rubbing your face’Do not touch your eyes to avoid aggravating the condition’inflammation.

If your resources allow it, you can also concoct a decoction based on chamomile leaves to make every day. L’Self-medication should not be systematic, it is generally recommended to consult a specialist as soon as possible.

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