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Massaging chair: why buy one ?

Want to treat yourself to a moment of well-being at home or to relieve chronic pain? ? The massage chair is an interesting alternative and very profitable in the long term. Available in all price ranges and with more than a dozen options, the massage chair appeals not only to retired adults, but also to younger ones.

What are the advantages of’a massaging chair ?

Like a traditional massage, the massage chair offers a host of benefits that impact both the physical and moral state. Stress reduction, relaxation, the massage chair seduces both children and adults. For your safety and health, it is better to read the contra-indications and choose a quality device, such as the Komodez chairs.

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What are the advantages of a massage chair?

A relaxing anti-stress effect

A massage, whether performed by a professional or a massage chair, can reduce tension and stress.

The pressure of the massage stimulates the sensory receptors in the skin, causing a release of endorphins and other “happy” hormones. These hormones have a relaxing effect on the body as they reduce the production of stress hormones.

Improved blood circulation

L’mechanical action of the massage chair on the body improves circulation. With the massage, the blood system is stimulated and the blood vessels dilate, carrying more blood. A boosted blood circulation helps avoid the feeling of heavy legs, but also increases the oxygenation rate of the body’s cells.

Relaxed and less sore muscles

While it is always advisable to go to the doctor’s office to get a massage’osteopath in case of chronic pain, the benefit of the massage is not only to the muscles but also to the body’the occasional use of a massage chair is not to be neglected.

People who are sporty or who often carry out strenuous or repetitive activities can feel a stiffening effect of the muscles as well as aches and pains. By massaging the muscles of the body, the chair helps to relax those that are too stiff or aching. A massage session just before sport allows you to warm up and stretch your muscles, while a massage session immediately afterwards relieves aches and pains.

Improved posture

Bad posture is often due to an imbalance in muscle tension. Stiff and tense muscles can cause imbalance and lead to poor posture, which then becomes recurrent. By making regular massage sessions, the tense muscles will gradually become more flexible, which leads to a significant improvement in posture.

Where to place it at home ?

The first question asked by those looking to purchase a massage chair: where should it be placed? ? After eliminating unsuitable places like the terrace, the balcony or the kitchen, it is time to turn to the remaining options:

The bedroom

The bedroom is a choice often made by many owners of massage chairs. The cause: a quiet place away from the family bustle. The only drawback: often imposing, the massage chair quickly takes up space until it clutters the room.

The Living Room

Second option, the massage chair can be placed in a living room without any worries. It can replace a seat or better, be placed in a corner for create a small, quiet space and intended for relaxation. This space can be made up only of the armchair, a small side table and preferably near a window.

Where to place it at home?

What budget for a good massage chair ?

Massaging chairs abound on the market, with prices as varied as their functionality. These vary enormously, from a simple entry-level massage chair to more than 10 times that amount once you reach the top of the range.

  • The price of a massage chair entry level starts at 1000€.

This type of chair often offers a basic massage without any added functionality. Before buying an entry-level chair, it is important to find out about the guarantee and to test the chair yourself first.

  • The price of a mid-range massage chair is around 3000€.

At this price, it is quite possible to find good quality chairs with interesting features integrated.

  • The price of a high-end chair is around 6500€.

At this price, the chair is often heated, equipped with Bluetooth and speakers. The comfort of the seat is also more worked as well as the addition of advanced features such as an integrated screen.

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