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Insomnia: the different effective treatments to overcome the sleep disorder

Today, 1 in 5 French people are victims of insomnia and the plague affects individuals of all ages. Due to different causes (external factors, bad lifestyle habits, pathology or illness), insomnia can be the cause of severe complications. In addition to having a direct impact on productivity, insomnia can also cause serious physical and psychological health problems.

And yet, it can be really difficult to get back a good and recuperative sleep without following specific treatments. Fortunately, there are solutions that can have rapid and long-term effects to eradicate agrypnia. Zoom on the secrets to overcome your lack of sleep !

Knowing the cause of bad sleep

To be able to effectively treat this disorder, it is essential to know its main cause. Some factors should be considered to estimate the reason for this disorder including :

  • The manifestation: difficulty falling asleep, multiple awakenings in the middle of the night or rather early awakenings.
  • The frequency: transient, occasional or rather long-lasting insomnia.
  • The appearance in time: following a change of life, after changes in the resting room, following the consumption of specific foods, an illness or pathology (sleep apnea syndrome, restless legs, depression or hyperthyroidism.), etc.

Taking time to evaluate these 3 different parameters will allow you to easily detect the main cause of the insomnia you are facing. This indication will serve as a reference and will allow you to adopt the best solutions.

Medication: the best option against insomnia

Once you have an idea of the cause of your insomnia, you can choose an appropriate treatment. Sleeping medication is one of the most appreciated issues by sufferers, because it allows to bring a real change in the face of the disorder. In addition, there are also different types of sleeping pills, and this in several forms.

Over-the-counter or natural, victims can choose the version they consider relevant ! Only prescription painkillers should be prescribed by a doctor.

Among the most effective options for treating sleep disorders are melatonin, valerian root, hypnotics and sedative antihistamines. Each of them solving different major causes of insomnia, these medical treatments are to be preferred according to the reason for one’s suffering. Thus, it is simply inappropriate to be recommended a particular sleeping pill by a loved one. The latter might have been effective in his case and not yours !

Here is a review of the most popular treatments and their respective fields of action:

  • Melatonin: in the form of food or drink supplements

Melatonin is a sleep-stimulating hormone that acts as a rest regulator, telling the body that it is close to bedtime. Several factors can however impact on this hormone thus pushing the individuals to find the sleep badly as the age. Indeed, the older a person gets, the less melatonin he or she will naturally produce.

Melatonin is recommended for those who have difficulty falling asleep in the evening as well as victims of jet lag where disorders in the regulation of sleep are strongly noticed.

  • Sedative antihistamines

Intended for people who have difficulty staying in bed until the morning, sedative antihistamines have mostly a drowsy effect.

  • Hypnotics

Hypnotics are only available by prescription and can treat a number of sleep-interrupting disorders.

Natural remedies: an option not to be neglected

In addition to medication, alternative medicine is also a relevant way to overcome insomnia. Homeopathy, phytotherapy and aromatherapy allow to directly target the cause of the disorder and offer patients long-term effects.

Valerian root is one of the most appreciated homeopathic treatments for its palpable effects only a few days after adoption. Presented in the form of tea, capsules or even liquids, this root optimizes relaxation by relieving anxiety, which will then maximize the quality of sleep. Other plants such as linden, passion flower or lemon balm also have the same properties to help people sleep better.

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