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How to improve your memory and retain things better ?

Memory is like everything else: you have to work on it to develop it !

For those of you who complain about not having a good memory, you should know that this is not inevitable. Maintaining and developing your memory is a must’elsewhere something you can do at any age to increase your cognitive abilities.

Don’t worry, brain training does not necessarily mean intense memorization of all sorts of information. It is even an activity that can be fun, or even go completely unnoticed by implementing some specific activities in his daily life. Find out how to develop your memory in several ways in this article.

Maintain your memory by using the’learning

The first way to develop and maintain your memory is by learning. Learning something, no matter what you learn, will exercise your brain by directly requiring you to memorize new information.

Why not learn a new language ? If you don’t already know English, learning this language can be very useful for traveling, or watching movies and series in their original version. If you are particularly fond of a country you would like to travel to, learning the local language can be a challenge that you can then put into practice. This exercise in learning a new language is an ideal way to keep your memory sharp. You can see it here !

But when it comes to memory, it is not necessarily always useful to operate by the’learning by heart what you are trying to memorize. You will quickly understand that maintaining your memory is often the result of indirect exercises that will develop your cognitive abilities. The use of mnemonics will therefore have a double purpose:

  • Allow you to remember something more easily;
  • Helping you exercise your mental gymnastics to go from the mnemonic to the information you have memorized and want to retrieve.

Finally, you can combine memory and culture by watching documentaries for example. Learning new things is a very good brain workout in addition to helping you discover more about the world around us. For a more active workout, you can focus on reviewing history.

Since it does not change, it allows you to practice repetition, a fundamental notion in learning and memorization.

Maintain your memory through games

Active learning may seem boring to you. Fortunately, there are much more fun ways to maintain and develop your memory. Thus, associating active memory work and play is not incompatible, on the contrary ! A way to combine business with pleasure.

If you prefer a less athletic activity that will be just as beneficial to develop your memory, you can turn to meditation. This mental practice is mainly aimed at relaxing you by focusing, for example, on your breathing. Meditation is beneficial on several aspects of well-being, but also to develop your memory and improve your brain connectivity through diligent practice.

Finally, an effective way to develop your memory in a passive way is to use CBD’improve your sleep. It is thanks to a restful sleep It is important to remember that your brain will be able to properly organize the information accumulated during the day to consolidate your memories and assimilate knowledge.

As you can see, developing your memory is not just a matter of memorizing by heart. While you may choose to maintain your memory by learning a new language or reviewing your World History, this training does not have to be as active or even painful. Maintaining your memory by playing has a real potential to work your brain capacity in a playful way ! Finally, it is sometimes when you least expect it that you develop your memory, by relaxing and improving your sleep for example.

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