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Buying a man’s coat: choosing and wearing it well

It is sometimes said that women are not easy to dress… but you should know that men are not either ! Just like women, there are tips and advice to make men look good. And c’This is particularly the case for coats. Length, material, use are all criteria that must be taken into account’it is important to take into account in order to make the right choice.

How to choose a man’s coat ?

Winter means wind, rain, snow, in short, the cold is now very present ! C’It is therefore time for you, gentlemen, to equip yourself with an adequate men’s coat, which you can find at Jules, for example ! But before that, there are a few tips to follow in order to avoid this problem’be well protected from the cold while remaining beautiful and elegant. Everything you need’First, you should know that’there are several types of coats which are :

  • The overcoat which is a long and sober model, often in wool. This type of coat is often favored because it offers a nice look with its straight cut and V-neck.
  • The coat is also long with a wide collar, piped pockets at the hips and cross-buttoning.
  • The trench coat is long, belted with the same buttoning as the coat. Its advantage is that’it is waterproof.
  • The duffle coat is medium-length and has shoulder yokes and a closure system made of rope loops and wooden cones.
  • The famous down jacket which is a timeless in terms of coat. C’is a padded jacket that is particularly warm depending on the padding you choose’It contains (down, duck feathers, wool, etc.)’goose). The down jacket falls just below the hips.
  • The parka is worn up to’mid-thigh length. It is waterproof, has a hood, a drawstring to tighten the jacket at the waist and closes at the front’helps to’a zip and buttons.

In order to make a good purchase, it is necessary to take into account the material of the coat for men in question. First point, exit synthetic materials or then in low percentage. L’s ideal is to first choose the right size’opt for wool and its thermal and insulating properties. Another important point is that you need to choose your coat according to its style.

For casual looks, a down jacket or parka is perfect. For a more formal style, the overcoat, the pea coat, the duffle coat or the trench coat are the most suitable.

The morphology is also a criterion not to be neglected in the choice of the right clothes’a coat. For short men, it is better to leave out all long coats at the risk of compressing their silhouette. The most advantaged are the taller ones who can afford to wear all types of coats except the short ones that tend to accentuate the length.

Finally, the choice of color is also important. The most popular colors are navy blue, camel, gray and, depending on the model, khaki.

How to wear it well ?

In order to To wear the best his coat man, you need to know’first choose the right size. To do this, you must know :

  • The width of your back
  • Your chest and waist size
  • The length and the’sleeve opening
  • The bottom of the coat
  • The length of the back

With this information, you will have all the keys in hand to make the right purchase. It would be a shame to’acquire a nice coat and whether it is too big or too small

How to wear it well?

Once you’re done with this step, you can focus on how to wear your coat. This garment can be combined with every male clothing style. Nevertheless, there are some models that are more comfortable than others’better match with different outfits. For example, the chic version of the coat goes better with sober outfits like a shirt, straight pants and dress shoes like loafers.

For an urban style, the down jacket associated with jeans and sneakers forms a nice association as well as the parka. An urban chic look that works very well is slim pants with Chelsea boots and an overcoat.

Now the coat for men n’There is no more secret for you. All you have to do is’It is important to choose the right model’You’ll have all the information you need to make the right purchase and the best fit for your style !

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