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How much does a liposuction cost ?

Liposuction has become one of the most sought-after and practiced cosmetic surgery operations throughout the world. It is ideal for erasing certain complexes, sculpting one’s silhouette or solving certain physical problems related to health problems or accidents in life. As a cosmetic surgery, the cost of a liposuction can be quite high: find out the different rates charged, the possibility of reimbursement and the prerequisites for this procedure.

What are the conditions for liposuction? ?

Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, breast enlargement or even breast surgery liposuction The following products are used in the field of liposuction: mainly belonging to the field of cosmetic surgery (in some cases, it may be due to health problems), these procedures are increasingly popular, especially among young adults (20-35 years old). Men or women, the scalpel is much less frightening than before ! Liposuction is a technique that removes a fatty mass by suction and allows to reshape the figure and not to lose weight. Practicing regular physical activity and adopting a healthy lifestyle are the keys to slimming down, before and after an operation of this type. Some conditions are therefore essential for for a liposuction :

  • the patient must be between 18 and 70 years old, male or female;
  • The elasticity of the skin must be sufficiently firm to perform this surgical procedure and guarantee a quality result;
  • the operation is not recommended for people who are overweight (obese);
  • smokers should stop smoking completely at least one month before their liposuction;
  • The advice of a doctor is requested before the surgery for people with a high risk of phlebitis or embolism;
  • the contraceptive pill can also be a risk factor.

The price varies according to the area to be treated

Several criteria are taken into account when billing for liposuction: the amount of fat to be removed, the reputation of the clinic and/or the surgeon (fees charged), the geographical location (the rates charged in the Paris region are higher than in the provinces), the services (local or general anesthesia, hospitalization, etc.) and post-operative care. Count on an average of 50 à 150€ the cost of your consultation preliminary at the surgeon’s. Finally, note that the price of a liposuction varies according to the body area to be treated :

The price varies depending on the area to be treated

How to get reimbursed for liposuction ?

As we have already mentioned, liposuction generally belongs to the domain of cosmetic surgery to improve one’s image and figure: in this case, no coverage will be provided by Social Security. Please note that no sick leave will be issued for cosmetic liposuction either. However, in certain cases, it is possible to getting reimbursed for liposuction if it is done in conjunction with a surgical procedure called “liposuction” restorative dentist : diseases, after-effects of an accident, obesity, abdominal plastic surgery.
Only the surgeon is in a position to issue an opinion request for prior agreement with the Health Insurance, who can then verify the accuracy of the reasons for the liposuction. If your request is approved, the entire procedure will be covered by the Social Security covered by the Social Security, including all costs related to liposuction (fees, hospitalization, anesthesia, etc.).), or it will be compensated by the complementary health insurance of the patient. Take your form for reimbursement and your various estimates and contact your health insurance company and your complementary health insurance company: you will know if your case is covered by their conditions for reimbursement.

More and more widespread in the world and particularly in France, liposuction is a surgical procedure that has become commonplace. Be patient, however: you will not be able to appreciate the full result of the operation until one year after it ! An opportunity to develop new habits, to (re)start exercising and to adopt a healthy and balanced diet, which will strengthen your results in the long term.

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