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How to find an emergency dentist in Geneva ?

Broken dentures, cavities, loose implants, dental trauma… A toothache never goes away ! So, how to find a dentist? emergency dentist in Geneva ? What is a dental emergency ? How to get reimbursed for dental care ? In order not to find yourself helpless in such an emergency situation during your stay in Geneva, here are the answers to all these questions !

Tooth problems during a stay in Geneva: how to quickly find a dentist ?

You had planned your stay in Switzerland for a long time, but something unexpected happens to spoil your vacation and you need to consult a dentist or a dental surgeon urgently !

Don’t worry, you will easily find a dentist in Geneva on ! This clinic specializing in oral hygiene has dentists on call for patients with dental emergencies who can take care of you very quickly, even on Saturdays.

All you have to do is make an appointment by phone or go directly to the reception of the dental clinic from Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Tooth problems during a stay in Geneva: how to quickly find a dentist?

What is a dental emergency? ?

Many reasons can be classified as dental emergencies and require an emergency consultation with an on-call dentist. Here are a few Dental emergencies that must be treated very quickly :

  • A toothache that causes severe pain and inflammation of the nerve.
  • A dental abscess and swelling of the face.
  • A broken or fractured tooth following an accident.
  • Pain and/or bleeding of the gums.
  • A loose or fallen crown, post or dental implant.
  • A dental trauma.
  • An oral infection accompanied by fever and difficulty swallowing or even breathing following a dental extraction for example.
  • Broken braces.
  • Cracked or broken dentures.
  • Wisdom teeth that are pressing.
  • ..

As a general rule, a dental emergency is considered to be any situation where the pain is not relieved with an analgesic and/or following a trauma (accident, shock, etc.).) with dental complications.

Good to know If you have a broken or expelled tooth, keep the tooth fragment in milk, water or saline and make an appointment very quickly. The more responsive you are, the more likely the dentist will save your tooth !

Whatever your case, do not hesitate to make an appointment at the dental center, the practitioners will judge the urgency and if it is not an urgent pathology, you will be directed to the nearest dentist.

If the practitioner deems that there is an emergency, he will take you immediately in consultation. He will then perform a dental radiology to make a precise diagnosis and assess the dental surgery to be performed.

What is a dental emergency?

How to get reimbursed by your health insurance company ?

If you are covered (or a minor entitled to coverage) by the social security system, you are entitled to coverage for oral health care, as well as for all health care considered unexpected or urgent (including hospital care), chronic illness, pregnancy or childbirth, if the reason for your stay is not to benefit from this care.

The care is then covered by your health insurance European health insurance card (EHIC) and generally the costs of emergency care are to be paid on the spot. The dental health center will then give you an invoice to send to your health insurance company to be reimbursed if the care meets the conditions mentioned above.

But be careful, the reimbursements are made according to the rules and the rate in force in the country where the care has been done.

Then, your complementary health insurance or your mutual insurance company can complete the reimbursement. Remember to keep all invoices and all the proofs of treatment to be able to send all the necessary documents for the reimbursement of dental expenses.

To travel with peace of mind, remember to register the contact information of the dental care center before you leave. A dental problem can happen quickly, it would be a shame to waste your vacation trying to find an emergency dentist in Geneva !

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