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How to lose weight without damaging your health ?

L’Obesity and overweight affect more and more people’individuals nowadays. It s’acts of’one of the most important concerns in the field of public health. Some people also feel self-conscious about their figure because of the extra pounds.

If so, it is a good idea to take a bath’It is important to slim down. However, one may wonder how to lose weight without damaging one’s health. We invite you to discover it through this article.

Do not go on a drastic diet !

This method can be tempting, but it is not a good idea very bad for your health. Indeed, by practicing a drastic diet, the’calorie intake is greatly reduced. The body then loses weight dramatically, as it does not have the ability to move’has not had time to get used to it’adapt to change. Only after a few weeks, the’The body will set up a defense mechanism and stop weight loss. To do this, they will store more calories and create reserves. It will also help you’save and reduce its basic energy expenditure.

Thus, the metabolism slows down. A caloric deficit is then necessary to lose more weight.

In order to feel full’To avoid this problem, it is better to drink a lot of water change your lifestyle in small steps. In this case, you must gradually reduce the portions you ingest daily. However, be sure to consume sufficient quantities while listening to the feeling of satiety. Stop eating when you feel full.

This way, you won’t damage your health.

Get a gastric balloon

Medical device for overweight people, the gastric balloon method for weight loss is also very effective and can be implemented without surgery.

Who is eligible for gastric ballooning ?

The gastric balloon is intended for overweight people, especially those with a small amount of weight to lose’a BMI greater than or equal to 27. Also note that’there are different models of gastric balloon. Your doctor will decide which one is right for you The results of the study are based on the weight to be lost and your health profile.

It will also take into account your wishes and needs.

How the gastric balloon works ?

The balloon reduces gastric volume. Thus, thanks to it, you you will feel a sensation of satiety more quickly. However, you must rely on this last to lose weight. Please note that the placement of a gastric balloon is not recommended’A gastric balloon does not require surgery.

You n’This means you don’t have to get stitches and face scarring.

By having a gastric balloon placed, you must also commit to changing your diet. It is also advisable to practice an adapted physical activity.

gastric ballooning

Eating more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are the best foods to lose weight. Here is why.

Fruit: anti-fringe allies

All of the above’First, it should be noted that’no particular fruit was found’is to be favored. Indeed, the difference in sugar content of these foods does not make it possible to lose weight’is not marked enough to categorize them. You can therefore choose the one you like.

In order to regulate the’sugar intake between meals, you can eat fruit as a snack. This also allows you to lose weight’It will also help you avoid the risks of snacking. Eat a piece of fruit before your meal.

This will prevent you from throwing yourself on the first food that comes your way at lunch or dinner time. The quantities ingested will also be reduced.

Fill up on vitamins, minerals and fiber with vegetables

Vegetables are known to be very healthy low-calorie foods. In addition to that, they provide minerals, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants to our body. However, it should be noted that’they can distend the’stomach if you consume too much of them. For this purpose, it is best to drink a small amount of water’opt for a nice portion once a day, ideally in the evening.

Drink plenty of fluids’water

Drinking water’Water is good for your health, and it can also help you lose weight. Here are some details.

Drink water’water to burn calories

Drinking water’water increases the amount of calories burned and energy expenditure at rest (basal metabolic rate). This means that your energy level increases by 24-30% within 10 minutes of drinking water’water.

Researchers have conducted a study on overweight women. In particular, they examined the effects of consuming more vegetables than you would normally consume’one liter of water’water per day on their body. This is’is done without any other particular change in their habits.

Over a period of 12 months, it was possible to observe a weight loss of 2 kg.

Researchers conducted another study on overweight people who consumed 1 to 1.5 liters of water’Drink water daily for a few weeks. Here too, it was possible to see a significant weight reduction of the subjects.

In addition, to lose more calories, focus on the following exercises’cold water. In fact, it allows the body to lose weight’Use extra calories to warm it up to the right temperature. L’ideal is also to drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water’water per day.

With the practice of’During the warmer seasons, you can go as far as the gym to do a physical activity’to 3 liters. However, beyond this amount, you are putting your body at risk by disturbing the balance of sodium in your body’The sodium balance in your body is disturbed.

Drink water’water before meals to reduce the’appetite

The American coach Bob Harper popularized this idea. Drink several glasses of water’Water before eating allows you to to significantly reduce the calories swallowed by the body.

Researchers then began studies on adults aged 55 to 75 years. Drink water’s water before each meal gave them the ability to draw on their reserves without the need for a lot of water’You will have the opportunity to lose 2 kg over a period of 12 weeks. Another analysis conducted on people who had already done so’The average age of the body has shown a loss of weight 44% more weight.

Avoid processed foods and sugary drinks

Know that processed foods are not the best way to burn fat contain sugar in particular, saturated fats and simple carbohydrates. These elements tend to accumulate fat in your body. They also contain chemical components such as monosodium glutamate and corn juiceïs.

These contribute in particular to the’obesity and overweight.

Sweetened beverages such as soda also have a high percentage of sugar’an astronomical amount of added sugar of poor quality. Ingesting these drinks also creates a kind of “weight loss”’They are also bad for your waistline, as they are addictive and will encourage you to consume more and more glucose. Industrial fruit juices, on the other hand, are very high in sugar Too much sugar and not enough vitamins.

They are therefore just as bad for your waistline.

Exercise regularly’s exercise, but reasonably so

As we all know, physical activity is the best way to burn fat the best way to lose weight. Here’s what you need to know.

Should you’train regularly to lose weight quickly ?

The regularity of the’training allows you to progress. Indeed, after each effort, the body registers the heart rate’endurance carried out. It then functions at a « level » to lose 2 kg over a period of 12 weeks. It s’It is also a good idea to period of overcompensation.

You must use it to progress. If you only work out’once a week, you will lose the capital of the previous session.

How much do you need to lose weight?’hours of sport per week to lose weight ?

To lose weight, you must practice physical activity at least three times a week. Each session should last 45 minutes. You should also focus on easy exercises at first, then gradually increase the level. Intense activity’one shot n’is not beneficial. L’The effort must therefore be moderate, but constant.

In’In other words, you need to reach 60 to 70% of your maximum heart rate without exceeding it. This allows the’They also contain chemicals such as monosodium glutamate and the juice I drink before each meal gives them the ability to draw on their reserves without overworking you.

To calculate your maximum heart rate, you should subtract your age from your baseline heart rate (220). For example: 220 – 30 years = 190.

Which physical exercises to choose ?

Here’s a list of some of the most common foods you can eat’exercises that you can Do it at home or in the gym to get started:

  • burpees: help to increase cardio and speed up your workout’activate fat burning,
  • mountain climber: targets mainly the abdominal area and triceps,
  • classic lunges and backward lunges: help build leg and gluteal muscles,
  • jumping jack exercise : melts fat and tones the figure,
  • kettlebell swing: helps to burn maximum fat in a short time,
  • Jumping squat : allows you to shape your body and burn fat while significantly increasing your heart rate,
  • Knee lifts: allow you to lose calories’get a nice curve,
  • Knee or regular push-ups: strengthen arms and pecs,
  • plank: helps to strengthen the abdominal belt and slim the waist.

It does not’act that d’a non-exhaustive list. You can find out more about this’other exercises to be done with some research.

healthy diet

Consult a dietician and get a coach

Sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation to get out there and do it’impose a sporting rhythm and a healthy diet on the long term. Fortunately, there are professionals who can accompany you in your weight loss process.

Get help from a dietician

A dietician can guide you in choosing the right to lose weight without harming your health. It also accompanies you in the development of your fitness program’learning the rules of the game’healthy and balanced diet. This professional also helps to establish a program tailored to the result you seek.

Have a coach accompany you

Consulting a fitness coach allows you to lose weight healthily. You can choose from a variety of styles’elsewhere more easily achieve your goals in weight loss with this professional. Indeed, the latter assists you so that you can better manage your emotions and your stress.

He also helps you lose weight in the long term through sports and nutritional advice.

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