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Feet: tips for taking care of them

While researchers from the University of Geneva shed new light on the decline of our abilities as we age and the importance of engaging our brains at all ages through physical and intellectual activities, our health also goes through our feet ! In order to prevent illnesses, deformities, infections and to allow you to maintain your mobility, protecting the health of your feet is therefore essential. With as many as 7,200 nerve endings, your feet are to be pampered.

The foot check-up at a podiatrist

It is essential that you have your feet examined by a chiropodist at least once a year, especially if you are elderly. Of course, if you suffer from a particular problem (if you wear a pair of orthopedic insoles in particular) you will have to have them examined more regularly. In all cases, leave your feet in expert hands.

Only a chiropodist can help you prevent the thickening of the skin on your feet responsible for corns, calluses or calluses. He is also the right person to prevent and treat certain infections (mycosis, wart …), traumas, wounds, deformations of the feet without forgetting the ingrowth of the nails. If you suffer from diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, vascular disorders, then it will be your best ally to reduce them and allow you to live more serenely.

Daily cleaning of the feet

Taking care of your feet must be done on a daily basis. To do this, start with wash your feet once a day, even more if you sweat a lot. To do this, do not use water that is too hot, opt for a mild soap to preserve the nature of your skin and if you take a bath, do not stay in it for more than ten minutes.

Finally, make sure that dry them well especially between the toes to avoid the effect of maceration. Of course, just as you take care of the skin on your face, use a moisturizing cream to avoid drying out. To prevent ingrown toenails, use a pair of nail scissors disinfected with alcohol before each use to cut your nails straight, leaving only 2 to 3 millimeters. In the evening, before going to bed, free your feet from all its tensions, cuddle them by lifting your legs for a few minutes and then massaging them.

N’don’t forget to raise the feet on the side of your bed to facilitate circulation and rest them at night.

Special foot beauty shopping

Although shoes and socks are essential fashion accessories, choose them carefully. To find the right shoe, try them on preferably in the evening. Avoid shoes that are too tight (which prevent good circulation), synthetic materials (which lack flexibility, promote small sores, the proliferation of bacteria and perspiration), thin soles that are not non-slip (which promotes falls and does not support the arch of the foot), heels that are too high (which promote the deformation of the feet, pain).

Then, don’t hesitate to throw away your shoes if they are deformed, not to wear them for more than three consecutive days, to change your socks every day.

The special foot wellness diet

No one doubts today that to be in good health, you must have a healthy lifestyle. Hygiene of life which passes in particular by the plate. And, to have healthy feet, give priority to the natural ingredients in your diet silica intake (vegetables, cereals, citrus fruits, mushrooms, radishes, olives for example), in zinc (brewer’s yeast, beans, sea food in particular). And if, in spite of this, your nails are brittle and yellowing, take a cure of pumpkin seeds (a teaspoon every day for a month) or dried fruits (a handful of a mixture of walnuts, hazelnuts and dry almonds every day for two months). You can also bathe your feet.

In a basin where you soak your feet, pour fresh, pure lemon juice. And of course, consult a pedicure-podologist. We can’t stress this enough, but it’s a FOOT SPECIALIST.

He or she will be able to find a solution to your problem on a case-by-case basis, in an effective and lasting manner.

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