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10 Things to have in a connected kitchen

It is very advantageous to have’having connected objects in your kitchen. These accessories allow to know instantly the available food stock. They allow the’Automatic lighting of the kitchen as soon as the food is detected’a human presence.

They assist in the cooking of many dishes. These are tools whose features help you save on gas, electricity and water’electricity and’water. This post presents you with a list of recipes’connected objects that can make your life easier.

The Nutricook connected pressure cooker

Nutricook is a pressure cooker that assists in meal preparation. C’It is a connected object that can be used to measure the temperature’you can link to your smartphone via Bluetooth. By accessing the’By using this cooker, you can prepare many tasty recipes that you can use in your own kitchen’one can cook.

The first use of Nutricook is to make the’is that’it guides in the preparation of the dish. It also has’a function of’It also has an alert that signals when it is time to turn down the heat or when the meal is ready. L’he use of Nutricook allows to cook without a human presence’worry about toasting the meal or missing out on the cooking steps.

The thermometer of cooking connected IGRILL

IGRILL is a cooking thermometer that can be used to monitor the cooking process’we find in the connected kitchens. This tool is especially indispensable when’you need to cook meat. Once the’you connect this thermometer to your device via Bluetooth, you can cook’has more to s’worry.

It is enough to’insert the thermometer probe into the meat to get an alert when the ideal temperature is reached. S’This thermometer allows you to cook meat in complete serenity.

connected coffee makers with Ikawa

In all kitchens, you can find coffee makers that allow you to’to have a drink at the right time. The top-cuistot helps you choose a coffee maker if you are looking for one. A connected coffee maker offers many advantages. Ikawa is a connected coffee roaster that allows you to make your own coffee’to have coffee every morning and even at any time.

By entering the type of bean you have, you can choose the type of bean you want’The device shows you the available recipes. It will be enough to pour the beans to have your coffee, as you like it’love. With Ikawa, you can customize recipes.

You can even share your innovations with your friends on social networks. In addition, this roaster has’an application that allows you to follow the’You will be able to prepare your coffee in the same way as you want it to be.

Drink coffee at any time with Nanopresso

Ikawa n’is not the only connected object you can use to have coffee. Nanopresso is also a connected tool that has its place in this list. The Nanopresso has the particularity to be used as a wine box’to be a coffee machine that the’you can take everywhere. It has beautiful features:

  • A portable coffee machine;
  • A silent coffee machine ;
  • A modern and cheap coffee machine ;
  • A coffee machine for travel.

The iQ500 connected fridge

We can’t talk about connected kitchens without mentioning refrigerators. The iQ500 is a fridge from Siemens that has some special features. C’The IGRILL is a connected object that has two cameras that allow you to know the available food stock with your smartphone. The functionalities allow to take snapshots of the’inside the fridge, without even needing to move. We can share these pictures with the whole family.

This makes shopping a little fun.

Healthy eating with the SmartPlate

Connected objects are not’It is an easily detachable accessory that not only helps to monitor the cooking process but also to keep track of the food’a food. They also allow you to control what you are doing’on mange. Eating healthy is imperative to stay healthy. If you want to control your calorie consumption, the SmartPlate should be useful. C’is a connected plate equipped with cameras and weight sensors.

It detects your food and gives you indications on how much to eat. However, the’The efficient use of this connected object requires that the user is aware of the following’you have a smartphone. D’elsewhere, you can store data and keep track of every meal.

Better manage your kitchen with the Bosch Home Connect

Bosch Home Connect is a special system that makes a kitchen super smart. C’is an innovation that allows to control many accessories that the’on has in its kitchen. Using this system, you can control the heat level, control the operation of the fridge or the oven, or even the temperature of the room.

C’is a tool that turns the smartphone into a universal kitchen remote control. You don’You no longer need to move to operate certain kitchen appliances !

Use Millo, a silent and connected blender

Drinking fruit juice has a great positive impact on health. Vegetables and fruit provide the body with a healthy, balanced diet’s body of many nutrients. C’This is why the blender is an indispensable device.

But, instead of’You can also use it as a classic blender, but you can also use it as a food processor connected blender like Millo. C’It is an intelligent and silent device that is easy to use’use. You can control the operation of this blender simply with your smartphone.

In addition, you can’is an easily detachable accessory that’so you can clean very easily.

Anova Precision Cooker to monitor food cooking

Anova is a connected object for vacuum cooking. C’is an accessory that the’ons use a mobile application that makes it easy to monitor the cooking of food. L’The use of this tool is quite simple:

  • Choose a dish in the’application;
  • Put the ingredients in a plastic bag;
  • Hang the plastic on a pot filled with food’water ;
  • Put the’You can switch on the appliance and wait for the food to be cooked.

C’is an inexpensive device available in many stores.

D-Vine for wine lovers

D-Vine is a connected object that should interest wine lovers. C’is a machine that allows you to drink wine in the best possible conditions. C’is the’It is the very tool that selects the bottles of wine and prepares them.

C’is a lovely device that allows you to travel in several varieties of wines. In addition, the preparation is done in optimal conditions that take into account the temperature and the taste’aeration.

Having a smart kitchen is possible with connected objects. Indeed, many accessories available on the market allow you to order everything in the kitchen with your smartphone. The preparation of’a dish then becomes a moment of pleasure.

This post presents connected objects that have distinguished themselves by their quality and innovative features on the market.

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