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Wine box : Which one to choose ? Advice and selection of 6 boxes to taste

You are preparing your next holiday meal or simply a romantic evening and you don’t know which wine to choose ? You wish to complete the stock of your cellar ? Or you are simply looking for an original and personalized gift idea ? Discover our advice and our selection of wine boxes, to taste according to your desires and your budget.

The wine box according to your desires

Choose your wine box according to your wine cellar

Building a good wine cellar requires some knowledge. Don’t panic, if you are not an expert in oenology, you should know that the wine boxes to buy online are composed by sommeliers and wine professionals. Whether for quick consumption or for laying down, you can build up your wine cellar according to several criteria such as: the color of course (red, rosé, white); the vintage; the appellation; the choice of winemakers, local producers, sustainable and organic viticulture, etc.

Rigorously selected, you can taste exceptional wines and quality, and initiate you to the’wine cellar thanks to the advice of experts or to the tasting sheets included in the boxes. We offer 7 recommendations to choose your wine. It’s up to you to create the wine cellar that suits you !

Choose your wine box according to your tastes

Tasting alone, as a couple around a candlelit dinner or a festive evening with friends ? Depending on the occasion, the wine you choose will depend on the dish it will accompany and, above all, on your preferences ! For a Christmas meal for example, choose from sure values Le Petit Ballon: one of the best Burgundy wines for the aperitif, a sweet wine to accompany foie gras, a white wine for fish or white meats such as Riesling or Pinot Blanc, a red wine such as Côtes du Rhône for red meat and cheese, a champagne for dessert;

If you still hesitate, opt for the discovery boxes which will allow you to define your tastes with precision, notably thanks to the tasting sheets as well as the numerous advices to choose and taste your wine well. Let us guide you !

Choose your wine box according to your budget

Of course, the box you choose will also depend on your personal preferences budget. The discovery wine boxes are available. For about twenty euros per month, it will delight the curious and the beginners looking for a good quality-price ratio.

For connoisseurs and lovers of great wines and exceptional wines who already know what they want Premium formulas are available, with prices ranging from 50 to 100€ per month. Beware, a high price is not automatically a guarantee of quality or exception.
Remember to check the identity of the sommelier, the producers and the origin of the wines. Look also if your box contains little extras such as a glass, a recipe booklet, tasting cards, etc. before making your choice.

Selection of the best wine boxes

Le Petit Ballon

The sommelier Jean-Michel Deluc selects for you the best bottles of wine and spirits of the world French and international terroir, such as Portuguese wine. Treat yourself to a monthly box Le Petit Ballon. The December 2020 box contains: a generous white wine full of delicacies from Domaine de Montine (2019), AOP Grignan Les Adhémar, a fleshy but fruity Mont des Olivier (2017) from Domaine Olivier, AOP Saint-Nicolas-De-Bourgueil and the Gazette du Ballon of course.
You can also subscribe (24 months maximum) and receive 2 bottles of wine every month:

  • Age of Grapes: 19,90€/month (good value for money) ;
  • 100 % Organic : 22,90€/month (organic wines) ;
  • Bel-Âge : 39,90€/month (grand-crus).

In addition to your order ? A tasting booklet and 15% discount in the cellars of Trois Fois Vin !


Abacchus, 40 fun and educational boxes: in addition to the carefully selected bottles of wine, you will receive a tutorial booklet each month, you will be able to access the dedicated application (encyclopedia, quizzes, etc.), and you will be able to read the wine booklet.) and receive a 10% discount.

Choose your theme among : Tour de France des Vins; Wine regions; White or red grape varieties; Wine style; Original and unusual wines; Foreign wines; Natural wines; Food and wine pairing; then the details of your subscription, from 3 to 6 months, to receive your monthly box. For example, the Tour de France des Vins: 4 red wines for 46€ or 2 reds and 2 whites for 48€ (shipping costs 7,10€).

Oé For Good, for organic wine

Taste the best organic wine, without pesticides, from a sustainable viticulture, and just as delicious, this is what Oé For Good offers you with their committed winemakers and certified B Corp products (respect for social and environmental standards): reduced, recycled and recyclable packaging; natural cork; returnable wine bottles; recycled paper labels; water-soluble label glue.

The Christmas box of 6 bottles is 82,10€ (Côtes-du- Rhône red, Crémant d’Alsace, Bordeaux white, Languedoc red, Châteauneuf-du-pape, Languedoc white).

which wine box to choose

The discovery box The price for a 6 bottles wine box is 56€ with : Vaucluse Principality of’Orange red, Côtes-du-Rhône white, Bordeaux white, Languedoc red, Bordeaux red, Languedoc white.

Wine boxes, but not only…

Vinabox: enjoy wine and cheese

Vinabox, by La Boîte du Fromager, is a wine and cheese tasting box, to spend a tasty evening.
1 or 2 bottles of wine (white or red) in addition to the tasting booklet to be found in your monthly box:

  • Discovery of farm cheeses : 1 month (23,90€) ; 3 months (22,90€/month) ; 6 months (21,90€) ; 12 months (19,90€) + 5,90€ of delivery fees ;
  • Connaisseur de fromages de caractère : 1 month (37,90€) ; 3 months (36,90€/month) ; 6 months (35,90€) ; 12 months (34,90€).

wine and cheese box

You can complete your box with accessories:

  • a rotating cheese board : 34,90€ ;
  • a cheese board with handle : 24,72€ ;
  • a slate and cheese knife kit: 34,80€.

Mets vins, to complete with’delicatessen

Mets Vins offers you to receive every month a gourmet box inspired by the French terroir containing: 1 bottle of wine and gourmet food products entirely Made In France. You can subscribe to Mets Vins and receive your monthly box for 1 to 3 months, 6 months or 12 months (25,90€).
Ideal to discover two French appellation wines, choose the Entre Deux Vins box from 29,90€ per month. For a gastronomic evening combining quality food and two prestigious wines, choose L’Excellence, from 49,90€ per month.

wine and delicatessen box

If you are looking for other gift ideas, discover our selection of 9 boxes for men (beauty, gastronomy, alcohol, and others) or our selection of beer boxes for those who prefer hops to grapes.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation “.

Why order wine boxes ?

You want to taste different wines at each aperitif ? Or maybe you are simply a great wine lover ? The different offers we propose here will certainly make you happy ! As the offers are more and more numerous, you will find an interesting offer, adapted to all budgets.

Thanks to the subscription, you will receive a wine box, mostly organic, at a very fair price, so you can treat yourself without breaking the bank !

During aperitifs or special events (birthdays, anniversaries, New Year’s Eve, Christmas…), you will certainly surprise your guests with your wine box. You can also simply indulge yourself while exploring new flavors, by having a selection of unusual bottles of wine delivered to you each month.

Note that you can also offer a wine box to a loved one on a special occasion. This gift is perfect for a woman as well as for a man. In addition, as the eccevino website, the box of wine can be offered in any occasion.

The recipient will enjoy discovering new wines and bottles in each box. In addition, depending on the box chosen, it can receive different products with the wine (cheeses …).

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