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Anti-wrinkle silicone protection patches: what effects can you expect ?

Cosmetic patches were invented to correct skin imperfections. They are used to reduce dark circles, wrinkles, etc. Most of the products currently available on the market are made of silicone.

Are they more effective than others ? How to use and choose them ? We explain everything in a few lines.

What are silicone anti-wrinkle patches? ?

The anti-wrinkle silicone protection patch is a device designed to repair the skin. The active ingredients in its composition allow to :

  • Moisturize the skin and reduce wrinkles;
  • Erase fine lines and smooth the skin;
  • Remove blackheads, dark circles and puffiness

Intended for medical use, silicone shemale skin patches are translucent, soft and comfortable. They are used for both prevention and treatment of different types of wrinkles.

Moreover, these products are not gendered. Thus, men and women can all use them. Very discreet, they can imitate different skin colors.

They are also suitable for all age groups.

For optimal comfort, silicone patches are best chosen according to the area of application. Indeed, they are manufactured in specific shapes. The goal is to fit the affected body part as well as possible.

There are products to apply under the eyes, on the forehead, etc. Some are even adapted for the chest.

Generally, patches are used when you wake up or in the evening before going to bed. However, you can apply them at any time of the day. Regular use is recommended if you want permanently glowing skin.

What are anti-wrinkle silicone protection patches?

Advantages and disadvantages of these products

Possessing numerous active components, the patches nourish and regenerate the cells. Your skin is thus healthier. Also called anti-wrinkle masks, they are suitable for all skin types. They are also :

  • Easy to use;
  • Hypoallergenic and hygienic;
  • Waterproof and breathable;
  • Free of chemicals.

There is no minimum age to use an anti-wrinkle patch. Moreover, its regular use in preventive action pushes back the signs of aging. For fine lines, the result is even visible from the first application.

However, care must be taken with severely damaged skin: scratched, burned or with micro-inflammations. The use of the anti-wrinkle silicone protection patch is also not recommended for people intolerant to this material.

What effects do they have on wrinkles? ?

The effects of silicone in patches are clinically proven. It increases skin blood flow and leads to collagen production. This natural protein is responsible for the elasticity and regeneration of tissues.

Firming and moisturizing, the silicone patches act as real anti-wrinkle care. Placed on different parts of the face, they work within minutes for easily visible effects:

  • Softening forehead creases;
  • Repairing wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes;
  • Eye opening;
  • Reduction of wrinkles around the mouth;
  • Repair of chapped skin.

Their anti-wrinkle action is real, provided you follow the instructions. Self-adhesive device, the Anti-wrinkle silicone protection patch sits on clean, healthy skin.

For optimal results, you should pay attention to the indicated application time. Indeed, it differs from one product to another. However, some brands offer the possibility of using the patches for different lengths of time depending on the result you want to achieve.

What effects do they have on wrinkles?

How to choose them well ?

The patch choice How you use it largely determines the result. In general, opt for an approved product to avoid the side effects of silicone.

Most patches look the same, but they act differently on the skin. The active ingredients are designed to solve a specific skin problem. It is also important to distinguish between a prevention and a treatment device.

In addition, some patches are more powerful than others. A sticker dedicated to smoothing fine lines is not enough to get rid of deep wrinkles. For an effective anti-aging product, opt for a hyaluronic or collagen-enriched patch.

The patches have different components and varying amounts. If you want a moisturizing effect, cucumber and glycerin actives are the most common. To improve blood circulation, choose products containing witch hazel, hemp or cornflower.

Against wrinkles, those with a high content of collagen, red algae or hyaluronic acid are ideal.

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