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3 ways to disinfect your hands

L’craze for disinfecting products s’has been widely developed since the’advent of the’covid-19 epidemic. More than 80% of infectious diseases are spread by the hands. If an antiseptic soap is used to disinfect the hands, it is recommended to use it’To eliminate dirt, germs and viruses, there are also other products available’other ways of disinfecting the hands.

Find out which ones.

The hydroalcoholic gel

The protocol of hygienic disinfection by hydroalcoholic friction is strongly recommended in this epidemic context. It is therefore necessary to have’It is therefore necessary to have a hydroalcoholic product containing 60 or even 70% alcohol’alcohol. For the disinfection of the hands to be effective, start by pouring 3ml of hydroalcoholic product in the palm of your hand.

You can find what you need on specialized websites like Kleandaily.en, a brand expert of the’hand hygiene.

L’The next step is to rub your hands together for about’on the wrists for about 30 seconds. Do not neglect the spaces between the nails and fingers. Rub vigorously until the product is absorbed’The hydroalcoholic gel is a good way to make sure that the solution is applied’evaporates.

Finally, it does not’no need to rinse your hands.

hand disinfection

The disinfectant spray

Very practical, the disinfectant spray allows to clean surfaces in contact with food products. The spray system has many advantages, including the ease of use’use. A few pressures are enough to disinfect the hands’important surfaces. It is nevertheless recommended to spray the product on a cloth that will be used to clean the supports, appliances… Avoid pulverizing paper towels, or you’ll end up with more waste. It is best to use a cloth for cleaning.

Attention, the’s use of’A spray also requires some precautions to clean the surfaces. As you know, the product is released into the air’air. Avoid spraying surfaces in the presence of vulnerable people or children’children.

Disinfecting wipes

The demand for disinfectant wipes continues to grow in these times of pandemic. The United States is a leader in this area’The most important consumers of this type of product are the ones who are not used to the fullest. European countries such as France, Benelux’Germany or the’England are not left out.

And for good reason, disinfecting wipes are proving to be a great successôt to clean the surfaces. As they are tested beforehand, the risks of damage are reduced’Inhalation of toxic chemicals is less likely.

The success of disinfectant wipes’The demand for disinfectant wipes is also due to the fact that the’Practicality. They are indeed stored in an ATM. On the other hand, avoid throwing dirty wipes in the washroom. They may clog them. Worse, this action can have serious consequences consequences on the environment’environment.

It is therefore better to dispose of wipes in a waste container.

What you need to know about microorganisms ?

Microorganisms including bacteria, microbes and viruses generally spread at room temperature. They proliferate on surfaces such as tables, door handles, shoes, food, hair, etc… In the same way, places with a high number of visitors must be disinfected regularly to avoid any risk of infection prevent the spread of disease. Remember that disinfection is compulsory for all. Even more, it is imposed by the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) protocols. Since the’However, the world of disinfection is extremely broad, you will find a multitude of disinfectants: for hands, for food surfaces, for sanitary facilities, for medical environments, for medical instruments…

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