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How to use a beard balm ?

Gentlemen, you are proud of your beard ? You are right ! Cut to the millimeter, styled every day, maintained perfectly … It is obviously !

But, do you use a daily care product to nourish and moisturize your skin ? We are of course talking about beard balm, which allows you to take care of your hair so that it stays healthy and shiny week after week.

What is the purpose of beard balm ?

The beard balm is similar to the lip balm, the texture is approximately the same. This product is found in more or less solid form, it will depend on the brands and manufacturers.

The beard balm is composed of three main ingredients:

  • An organic oil: argan, olive, coconut, jojoba, avocado etc. ;
  • An essential oil: fruity, woody, spicy etc. (it is the one that delicately perfumes your beard all day long);
  • A magic ingredient which is usually either beeswax or shea butter.

The balm is used at home, bearded friend, to moisturize the hair of your beard, but also the skin that is hidden under the hair ! Thanks to beeswax or shea butter, the balm also helps to discipline the hair and to style it.

Keep in mind that beard balm should be checked off at the top of your daily checklist. It must absolutely be part of your daily care routine.

How to apply the beard balm ?

A well-maintained beard gives a positive image of the person who wears it. The use of a special beard care product is therefore essential to maintain this well-groomed image as well as to keep your beard shiny, healthy and clean.

If you have chosen a beard balm, here are the steps to follow to apply it properly:

  1. Ideally, the balm should be applied after shampooing your beard. Of course, you have to use a special beard shampoo. Be sure to rinse thoroughly to remove all shampoo residue;
  2. Dry your beard with a dry towel. Do not rub too hard to avoid pulling out hairs. Gently press on your beard to wipe off excess water. If your beard is still wet it’s okay, to apply the balm, it should not be completely soaked;
  3. The choice of the balm: The balm has a sculpting function, it is thus particularly adapted to the long beards. It is also more discreet than oil since it does not shine. Choose your balm according to your needs and preferences. Some have a more solid texture than others, the essential oils to perfume are not the same either. For sensitive skin, avoid balms containing perfume, this will limit the risk of allergic reaction;
  4. Application of the balm: Make sure your hands are perfectly clean. A small amount of balm is enough, use your fingertip or a nail to take a dab of it.For long beards, the amount of balm needed is greater than for short beards. Apply the balm and, if it penetrates very quickly when you have only done half of the beard, repeat the experience a second time;
  5. Apply your balm like a cream by running your hands through your beard, making sure to spread the product over the entire length and width. Run your fingers inside the beard to make the product penetrate evenly. All hairs should be able to benefit ! And, your skin too ! ;
  6. Then use a tooth comb to brush the beard and distribute the product even more on all the hairs.

When to use beard balm ?

The special beard balm has a styling and fixing power, it is advised to use it more in the morning when you get ready. The balm allows your beard to be disciplined, contrary to the oil which has only a nourishing power (and it is already very good) !).

The balm is particularly indicated for long beards since it will put the hairs in order thanks to its styling power.

For smaller beards, the’use of an oil as a balm is possible. Both products are very suitable. It’s more a matter of texture preference, application and practicality.

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