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The best American grocery store online cheap

You are a gourmet ? Have you ever thought of ordering from a site that offers American delicacies ? Sweet or savory, there’s no doubt you’ll love it ! American online grocery stores offer many local specialties that you will not find in France, or even not at all for the most part and that you will certainly love.

How much do American products cost in France ?

It goes without saying that the products of American grocery stores are directly imported from the United States. A long transport which is necessarily felt on the selling prices of the products. Indeed, the products marketed are fresh, with expiration dates that must be respected to remain fit for consumption and especially the regulations in force.

This constraint explains the need for more space’frequent imports by air and therefore higher prices than those charged in American supermarkets. On My American Market the prices remain quite reasonable and the delivery fees to your home are not excessive.

You can find a large selection of products such as Harry Potter Jelly Belly (price 3,29 euros) or Mac’n’cheese (2.59 euros) for many famous foodstuffs. You can even find everything you need to make homemade Jello shots.

How to pay less for your purchases ?

Some sites offer very interesting offers for your groceries’American grocery store. My American Market allows you to pay less for your purchases if you choose products with a short expiration date or damaged packaging. This saving does not’is absolutely not imposed and therefore totally optional.

Products of this kind are quickly found directly in the “good deals” category of the website. But if you make a specific search such as Willy Wonka candies, dried meat, spray cheese or Lucky Charm’s, when you click on “add to cart”, you will see a message displaying the name of the product’offer appears if the product is available for less.

Ergonomics and ease of use’What is the best use I can make of them?’particularly likes for two reasons. All of the above’first I don’t mind on the’idea of’save a few euros on products that I want to buy and I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford them’We like the fact that the site does not waste products that are short dated or whose packaging is not in good condition’If your product is damaged during its importation. On the other hand, an option such as this one guarantees that the products that are used are gluten-free’they buy at full price are of’In order to be able to evaluate the relevance and quality of the coverage of a complementary health insurance, the guarantees present in the contract are important parameters: optimal quality, nice and good and thus it avoids the bad surprises that one could be afraid of on this kind of platform.

American boxes for savings

More and more online health insurance sites are opening up’American grocery stores offer you boxes. A sort of American basket of products that allows you to discover the main products of the site without having to worry about. L’This is the perfect option for an original gift but also for a selection of products in the event of an emergency’organization of’It is impossible to go in search of the best health insurance without having any idea of your health needs and consumption; a special event like a birthday, a wedding, a soccer party, etc. But you also save money by paying a global price for several products.

My American Market offers you a box at 21,99€ for 11 products or 41,99€ for 21 products. A great saving not to be missed.

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