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What to see in Honduras: 9 places not to be missed

Heavenly beaches, an incredible underwater world, Mayan ruins, wilderness, colonial cities, there is a lot to see in Honduras !

Although’it often seems to be the forgotten country of the travelers of’Central America, Honduras is a little jewel that deserves to be visited’to be discovered. If you dare, you can enjoy all that this part of the world has to offer without moving too much. There is a lot to see in Honduras: dream islands in the Caribbean, natural parks with an enormous biodiversity, Mayan ruins, charming cities, all accompanied by a charming people who will be ready to help you make the most of your vacation in Honduras.

1. Roatan

Roatan is the largest of the islands in the Bay of Honduras. Located in the heart of the Caribbean, it is not’It's no wonder we tell you that you'll find some of the best beaches to visit in Honduras. West Bay, the furthest point from the coast’s west’The island is the most visited area (and also the most important) in the world’If you are lucky enough to have one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but prefer absolute tranquility, opt for Sandy Bay and Pristine Bay beaches.

In addition to’Being an ideal place to spend a vacation in Honduras by the sea, Roatan is also known for being the most beautiful place in the world’one of the top diving spots in the Caribbean Sea. In its more than 40 dive sites, you will find canyons, caves, wrecks, coral walls and, most importantly, lots of marine life, including turtles and manta rays.

Do you need a place to stay?’Other reasons to get closer to Roatan ? On the’On the island, you can visit places like the Carambola Gardens, spread over more than 100 hectares, or Punta Gorda, a colorful coastal village where you can discover the traditions of the Garífuna, an interesting Afro-Caribbean community that came to Roatan in the 19th century. If you have the chance to’to be on the’On a Sunday you can participate in the Garifuna dance round’It is a mesmerizing sight !

2. Copán

S’there is a place to visit in Honduras that is not to be missed’it is absolutely necessary to visit, it is’is Copán. L’ancient Mayan city is the’one of the most fascinating of the island’It is the largest city in Central America and deserves at least a full day's visit because of its large size. Copan was an important capital of the Americas’The Mayan Empire in the fifth and ninth centuries and can still be corroborated by its visit.

Declared a World Heritage Site’Humanity by the’UNESCO, the great wealth of Copan is its stelae, which are in a good state of conservation. The stelae represent the ancient rulers of the city and archaeologists tell us that’they have been painted in very striking colors. The main part of the archaeological complex is the’s hieroglyphic staircase, a staircase of 62 steps where the staircase is located’more than 2,200 glyphs can still be seen that tell the history of the country’history of the Royal House of Copán.

L’the compound has several groups: the "Conjunto Principal", the "Conjunto de Sepulturas" and the "Conjunto de los Sapos. In addition, there are some museums that will allow you to’learn more about this essential place to visit in Honduras.

3. Cays Pigs

Another of the most famous places to spend some of your vacation in Honduras is the group of islands Cayos Cochinos. Composed of two main islands (Cayo Menor and Cayo Mayor) and 13 smaller coves of’The beaches are of coral origin, with the typical Caribbean landscapes of the Mayan Empire in the 5th and 9th centuries’clear water, palm trees and golden sand where total peace reigns. Although’It is also possible to make an excursion from the town’If you want to go to the mainland, our advice is that you spend at least 3 days to enjoy this paradise, from a day trip from La Ceiba, the mainland city with the closest services.

You can stay on the island’We recommend that you dedicate at least 3 days to enjoy this paradise at one of the resorts of Cayo Mayor or live a more local experience with a Garifuna family at Cayo Chachauate. From n’In any of these places, you can take a tour that will allow you to get to know the small islands that have been the scene of the Survivors Program.

4. Lake Yojoa

If you want to do domestic tourism, go to the island’It is also a good place to spend some time in the east of the country, where Lake Yojoa is located. With its 16 kilometers long and 6 kilometers wide, surrounded by national parks where more than 50% of the species of birds live, the park is the ideal place to discover the nature of the region’The lake offers multiple opportunities for birdwatching and birdwatching in Honduras’We recommend that you make time in your agenda to visit the Museum of Ecotourism to spend a few days in harmony with nature. In addition, very close to’It is located in the’One of the most beautiful places to see in Honduras: Pulhapanzak Falls. These waterfalls of’The waterfalls on the Rio Lindo are the most spectacular in the country’The water level is 43 meters.

In addition to taking a well-deserved bath at the spa, you can contemplate the fascinating archeological remains of the island’a pre-Mayan culture, located near the falls of’water.

5. La Ceiba National Park and Pico Bonito

La Ceiba is the starting point to visit some of the most beautiful tourist sites in Honduras such as Útila, Roatán or Cayo Cochinos, but it is also an ideal city to spend a few days in the country’It is also an ideal city to spend a few days in the country’enjoy and its surroundings. From the third largest city in Honduras, you can reach beautiful Caribbean beaches such as Los Maestros Beach, discover the Garifuna communities of Sambo Creek and Corozal, and get to know the lush nature of Pico Bonito National Park.

C’is the’It is one of the richest national parks in the country in terms of biodiversity, and is one of’Extending from the coast to the sea’The park is located at points more than 2,400 meters above sea level. This means that’In Pico Bonito you can find everything from tropical rainforests to cloud forests. If you want to make an excursion from La Ceiba, you can walk along the trails of the park or practice rafting in the Cangrejal River, famous for the strength of its currents.

6. Útila

One of the tourist places in Honduras known internationally in the world of diving is Útila. Only two hours by boat from Roatan, this island has several diving schools that offer Open Water Diver licenses to enter the world of diving at very affordable prices. The warm and clear waters of Bando’Útila offers perfect visibility to enjoy the colorful reefs that surround it’You can also visit the island and, above all, the famous whale shark, the largest fish in the world, which weighs about 20 tons.

If you want to meet this wonderful creature, try to plan your trip to Honduras in March, April, July or August.

The prices of the’Accommodation and food in Útila are a little cheaper than in the neighboring city of Roatán, which makes it easier to hike and eat’young atmosphere. Keep in mind’It is important to keep in mind that although some beaches can be found on the island, it is not possible to find them all’You can stay on the island, such as Bando beach, most of which are private and less paradisiacal than those of its big sister.

7. Tegucigalpa and La Tigra National Park

In case your flight to Honduras lands in the country's capital, Tegucigalpa, don't forget to check out the hotel’Do not go so fast ! In the historical center, you can enjoy the colonial buildings, religious buildings of baroque style, as the island and, above all, the famous’There are many places to visit in Honduras, such as the church of Santa Maria de Los Dolores or the cathedral of San Miguel Arcángel, restaurants where you can taste the famous Honduran whales, very interesting parks and museums where you can learn about life and the environment’history of this country. We recommend that you leave some time in your agenda to visit the Museum of Ecotourism and to spend a few days in the city’national identity and’Honduran Institute of’anthropology and history’history.

D’Another place to see in Honduras is La Tigra National Park, located 15 kilometers from Tegucigalpa. This cloud forest shelters a great variety of flora and fauna’species of’birds, including the majestic quetzal. The best way to visit it is to spend the night in the’one of the cottages to have time to walk on some trails.

The park has 8 trails of varying difficulty and also offers opportunities for biking, hiking and walking’climbing and rappelling.

8. Gracias

Located in the department of Lempira, Gracias is the largest city in Honduras’one of the most beautiful cities in Honduras. C’is a colonial city founded in the sixteenth century by the Spanish captain Juan de Chávez. It was the capital of the Spanish empire in Central America for several years until the’to what’It is overshadowed by Antigua (Guatemala) and its neighbor Comayagua.

Although’It is not’Although it has not been present for many years on the tourist routes through Honduras, it has been rehabilitated and now has a large number of recipes’Today it is a well-preserved historical center, in which its three colonial churches stand out: the Church of San Sebastián, the Church of the Virgin Mary and the Church of the Virgin Mary’Church of the Merced, the’church of San Marcos and the’church of San Sebastián.

In addition, in the vicinity of Gracias you will find several hot springs, indigenous communities such as the Lencas and the famous Celaque National Park, where you will find Cerro Las Minas or Pico Celaque, the highest mountain in Honduras, with 2,000 meters.870 meters high. If you like to hike, the park has several routes and it is possible to choose from a wide range of activities’You can reach the top of Caque if you are in good shape.

9. Biosphere Reserve

If you have to choose among all the natural spaces to visit in Honduras, we recommend you to go to the Biosphere Reserve of Río Plátano. This tropical forest of more than 5,200 square kilometers gathers more than 39 species of mammals (lynx, jaguar, capuchin monkey…), 377 species of’birds (toucan, macaws) and 126 varieties of reptiles and amphibians (pythons, anacondas). In addition, the White City was discovered in 2012, the remains of the house of the same name’a part of the Mayan civilization that continues to be studied.

It is not’There are no direct roads to access the reserve and Palacios can only be reached by small plane, from a height of’where we’you can enter on foot or by boat. The tours are done in pipantes, boats made with logs of wood’s hollow trees’where the’You can admire the flora and fauna of this incredible place to visit in Honduras. In the Biosphere Reserve of Rio Plátano and its surroundings, more than 2,000 people live together in different indigenous communities such as Raista and Batalla.

Several companies offer the opportunity to make’It is a great place to visit and spend a few days with them to discover their culture.

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