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3 key tips for a successful move

Moving is usually a source of stress. Even for the most organized of you, making a move is never easy. Indeed, this requires a lot of time and a good organization.

In order to help you, here are 3 tips for a successful move.

Choose the date of your move

The date of the move is your starting point. Indeed, it is around this date that you will have to organize yourself. Also, it is very important to take the time to think about this date and this, according to :

  • of your availabilities,
  • the availability of moving trucks,
  • the schedule of your relatives, if you decide to call on them,
  • from the moving company’s schedule if you have requested their services.

If you can, choose a weekday for your move, the truck rental and the rates of the moving companies will be more advantageous compared to the weekend.

Sort your boxes methodically

Sorting out your boxes is one of the most complicated tasks of the move. Indeed, if you have a lot of personal belongings, you can quickly be overwhelmed by the size of the task. This is why it is important to organize yourself in order to be as efficient as possible. Here are some tips on how to pack your boxes methodically:

  • store your heavy stuff in the smaller boxes. It is preferable to use several small boxes rather than one large one that will be too difficult to transport,
  • Conversely, store your light items in the largest boxes,
  • protect your most fragile objects by wrapping them in bubble wrap. Also remember to mark boxes containing easily breakable items as “fragile”. This will prevent you from breaking all your dishes for example.

Use a moving company

A company specialized in moving can be really useful, especially if you have many objects and furniture. Moreover, the advantage of a moving company is the insurance of broken or lost objects. This means that if during your move an object gets broken or lost you will be fully reimbursed.

During your search for a moving company, you can go through an intermediary, for example you can choose nextories for your move . Indeed, this intermediary compares the best offers of moving companies according to your requests. This will certainly allow you to make significant savings.

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