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DIY tools to have at home

A living environment is a space that always needs to be developed. At any time, you can decide to change a lock, hang new picture frames, fix a piece of furniture or make any kind of repair. These are small projects for which it is generally unnecessary to call in a professional.

However, in order to succeed without outside help, you must necessarily have all the tools necessary to carry out the work.

What are the DIY tools to have at home

Doing DIY is not an art that we can all master to perfection. Indeed, some people are better able to handle manual work than others. They can therefore personally take care of a few projects in their living space, whenever necessary.

In any case, no matter what your abilities as a handyman are, you must have at hand specific tools that can be of great use in everyday life.

An eccentric sander

The eccentric sander is one of the DIY tools to have at home. This is a sanding and polishing tool, which can be very useful for different jobs such as :

  • The renovation of beams
  • Removal of paint from wainscoting
  • The restoration of antique furniture, and many others.

This tool is very versatile, as it can perform different types of sanding, depending on your needs. It is even possible to use it on different surfaces such as

  • Wood
  • The car body
  • Plaster
  • The PVC
  • Marble
  • Metal, etc.

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A grinder

The grinder is an electric or pneumatic tool, with a disc or wheel, which can be used to perform tasks such as

  • The surfacing
  • Grinding
  • Crosscutting
  • Deburring, etc.

It is effective on many types of materials including metal, stone and concrete. This is one of the most complete DIY tools you can find. There are several types, each with specific characteristics.

You can make a choice according to your needs and the performance offered by the device.

A saw: jig saw or circular saw

The saw is a do-it-yourself tool, which has a toothed blade made of hardened steel. Its role is to help you to cut without difficulty and without effort, materials such as wood, metals, stone and many others. There are several models among which we find the jigsaw and the circular saw.

Each model can be operated in a different way, either by electricity, manual force or water. In the case of the circular saw, the device is powered by a machine and can be fixed or portable, depending on your preferences.

The jigsaw is a tool that is used mainly for materials that are more or less easy to cut such as plastic or wood. It is equipped with a small blade that moves back and forth to cut materials without you having to make a big effort.

A saw: jigsaw or circular

A chisel

The chisel is one of the essential DIY tools for the home, as it can perform many tasks. It is often considered as a drill, so it can help you to easily drill through stone or concrete.

A putty gun

The putty gun also known as a silicone gun is an indispensable tool to have at home. It is widely used in plumbing or sanitary installation work. The main role of the putty is to help you to achieve the fixing by the adhesive, or the sealing by putty joints. You can find several types on the market, with very different levels of performance.

It all depends on the importance of the work you intend to do in your home.

Without forgetting the toolbox

To finish this selection of essential DIY tools for the house, you should also think about the toolbox. As the name suggests, it is simply a box that can store useful tools for DIY. You will be able to protect them and transport them easily without the risk of losing them. You will have the choice between several models such as :

  • The toolbox in the form of a case with a place for each tool
  • The bulk toolbox, which is nothing more than a box in which you store all your tools.

So, what are the do-it-yourself tools that are still missing from your collection ?

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