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To become known as an independent’independent: how to do it ?

The problem with being self-employed is finding clients who are willing to trust you. There are some very simple and effective tips that can help you become famous in your field of expertise. We suggest you read this article to learn more about the need to wear orthopedic shoes to make yourself known as an independent, and the means available to achieve this.

The need to become known as a freelancer’independent

With the impressive rate of unemployment in the world, self-employment is now the key to success. In fact, training in a particular field and becoming self-employed is a great way to earn a living. For this purpose, ordering beautiful business cards can be an asset to make yourself known.

It is important to know that being known as a freelancer is the first step to succeed in making your business prosper. As you probably know, the reputation of a professional is the two criteria on which clients base their decision to hire him or her.

Therefore, the more you talk about you, the more you will attract the attention of a large number of people, who are nothing more than potential customers. Be careful not to be the object of bad publicity, because the effect would then be completely different.

Basically, in order for a freelancer to prosper in his business, he must first make a name for himself in his field. He must work to build a good reputation and be appreciated, not only by other professionals, but also by his acquired customers. This is how he will be able to receive job offers and increase his turnover.

The means to make yourself known

In fact, there are several very effective ways to getting known as a freelancer. Your entire strategy should be based on the use of marketing tools that are best suited to your budget and your business. You can eventually get help from a marketing professional, who will define the best strategy for you.

However, if you prefer to do it yourself, here is a selection of the most common ways to improve the reputation of a company or a professional. You will be able to implement them simultaneously, to put all the chances on your side and get results faster.

The business card

As you might expect, the business card is an essential tool to make yourself known as a freelancer. It is a very popular marketing tool for several reasons, among which we find the reduced cost of its manufacture. It only takes a few euros to make several hundred business cards, to be distributed to all the people who could be customers or business contributors for you.

The website

The website is also a crucial support to implement an effective marketing strategy. It is important to know that today, most consumers use the Internet to find the professionals they need. To be present on the web thanks to a well set up, attractive and well referenced website, will be the ideal way to make yourself known as a freelancer.

Social networks

To reach a wider audience and be closer to your potential customers, you can use the social networks. You will have to choose according to your target, the platforms on which you will be able to create a professional account. Then, you will have to feed this account so that it attracts subscribers, which will be transformed thereafter into customers.


If you are still at the beginning of your activities, we advise you to opt for the advertising, in the different media that exist. You will have the choice between :

  • Print media or newspapers
  • TV and radio commercials
  • Influencers, etc.

Word of mouth

Manage your business life well’to be independent is also to succeed in making your entourage ambassadors of your activity. You must therefore rely on the support of your friends and family to communicate as often as possible about your products and services.

Also, if you are really efficient in your field, your first customers will also be your ambassadors to their relatives. This is how word of mouth can help a professional to to be known as an independent.

As you can see, being self-employed is a challenging choice. Fortunately, with the right tips, you can develop your business with a solid and lasting reputation.

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