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The truth about menstrual panties

Within the framework of’As a result, sanitary napkins and other disposable sanitary pads are increasingly being replaced by other products’other solutions like menstrual panties. Menstrual panties have many advantages for women and are distinguished by their ecological aspect. However, there are often misconceptions about them.

C’is the time of’To clarify certain points.

Menstrual panties are not hygienic : FALSE

Many women think that menstrual panties are not hygienic and that they are a good idea’they can give off odors. This does not’is not the case. Indeed, these panties include a cœabsorbent pad designed with antibacterial materials.

These prevent the spread of bacteria that can cause cancer’the appearance of bad odors.

In addition, they are breathable fabrics that allow you to breathe without the use of chemicals’avoid the stagnation of water’normal blood odor. So, opt for a menstrual panty to have a better quality of life’a healthy and hygienic protection, with OEKO TEX Standard 100 certified materials, without chemical products, to be quiet for 12 hours and register in an eco-responsible approach zero waste.

Menstrual panties are more comfortable than pads: TRUE

Menstrual panties are more comfortable than towels, because they are shaped like conventional panties. Most of the models are seamless, offering immense comfort to users.

Indeed, when you wear a menstrual panty, it follows the shape of your body and holds perfectly in place. You can thus carry out various movements without embarrassment and even make sport or yoga.

menstrual panties

Menstrual panties contain chemicals and are irritating: FALSE

Contrary to what some women think, menstrual panties do not contain chemicals. They are healthy because they are designed with natural organic materials certified OEKO-TEX Standard 100. This certification allows you to be more environmentally friendly’attest to the non-toxicity of the fabrics that make up menstrual panties.

In addition, the materials most used for the manufacture of these are cotton, lycra, bamboo, polyester, polyamide, polyethylene and polypropylene’elastane, l’hydropolyamide, polyurethane… They are materials that are not are not irritating and are safe for the skin.

Menstrual panties are not suitable for all flows: FALSE

Know that the menstrual panties are made of breathable fabric’They are suitable for all types of flow, contrary to what people think’they are not suitable for heavy flows. In fact, some brands offer a wide range of panties according to the size of the body’abundance of flow. To make it more practical, it is also possible to use them’Others offer menstrual panties single panties that are equivalent to 2 tampons and provide 12 hours of protection.

These models can be worn both day and night.

Menstrual panties are only intended for menstruation: FALSE

Although their main function is to protect the environment’ensure the’If you want to be more hygienic during your period, you should know that menstrual panties can also be used for other purposes’other purposes. In fact, they can be worn in case of It’s a good time to have a heavy white discharge, in case of urinary leakage, but also in case of perspiration. You can use them for bloody discharge at the beginning or end of your period and for spotting.

The menstrual panties constitute a economic solution, but also ecological because of their many benefits. Thus, discerning the truth from the falsehoods about them will allow you to better take advantage of their benefits.

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