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What to do about a failed tattoo ? 

A tattoo is supposed to stay with you for life, so when’it is missed, it is not dramatic’is not joy. How to avoid failed tattoos ? How can we make up for a tattoo? ? Can a tattoo be permanently removed? ? Here is all that’you should know about failed tattoos, covering or correction of tattoos.

How to recognize a failed tattoo ?

A tattoo can be considered as a failure for many reasons: bad quality ink, tattoo artist not very meticulous, poorly done linework, unrealistic shadows, tattoo that splits, mistakes in the design’spelling, non-conforming copies, etc. Sometimes, one can't see that the tattoo has failed the day it was done. It will be necessary to wait for the complete healing before getting a new one’Seeing flaws of the tattoo.

Before getting a tattoo, it's better to have a good idea of what to look for’to be sure of your choice. For this, n’Do not hesitate to start with a minimalist tattoo or an ephemeral tattoo. Inform you on all that’you should know before getting a tattoo so that you don't get any surprises. Finally, make a selection of tattoo artists with photos and customer reviews.

Try to find the best tattooist in France, or at least the best tattooist in your city to avoid disaster.

Examples of failed tattoos

As I’as stated above, a tattoo can be missed in several ways. Here are the main causes of failed tattoos:

  • A badly done linework : the lines of the tattoo are not straight and clear.
  • Drawing skills that leave something to be desired: you show a tattoo image that you like and copy it to the right person’is not at all resembling.
  • The mistakes’spelling It is better to check the tattoo artist's drawing before the tattoo is applied’It is equipped with’a needle !

How to correct a tattoo ?

A failed tattoo is generally recoverable. The tattoo artist will have two options: either make up for it by drawing over it, or completely cover the tattoo by offering a more imposing work.

The catch by a tattoo artist

A failed tattoo can be made up, if possible. One can actually trace the lines, improve the shadows, strengthen the colors, etc. In some cases, some tattoo artists have to’keep to the basic request and bring a new life . Here is a photo example:

On this picture you can see that the starting tattoo is relatively old. The colors are faded and if’erase by place. The tattooist, while remaining on the basic motive, brought a new freshness to it by ironing on the outline and by reworking the central rose.

The cover or covering

The cover is a technique that aims to cover a tattoo with another tattoo. L’objective is to to cover the entire area’old tattoo. If the covering is perfectly done, you will not be able to see the tattoo underneath. To proceed with this technique, there are several conditions.

First, the cover tattoo must be bigger and darker than the tattoo to cover. Moreover, the cover-up must be quite full, because it is almost impossible to cover a tattoo with another tattoo with fine lines.

Here, we can see that the tattooed person has decided in the past to get a tattoo of a mushroom coming from’a famous video game. With time, the colors seem to be less visible’The tattoo is faded and we can suppose that the regret took over the passion and it was necessary either to make up the tattoo, or to cover it up. The tattoo artist has done an outstanding work, because the work of’The amount of shadow and depth is striking and it's impossible to guess what the linework looks like’old work.

How to make up for a tattoo that has flared ?

Traces of’suspicious ink worry you ? It is possible that your tattoo has faded. If this happens during the healing process, don't hesitate to start with a minimalist tattoo’is quite normal. Indeed, the skin can reject a little bit of water’ink when’it heals, but this is not dramatic’it is not dramatic. Nevertheless, if the tattoo cracks after the healing, it's a good thing’It's that’it has been badly done. Either the quality of the’If the ink leaves something to be desired, either your skin is too thin or it rejects the ink’ink, either you don't need to be tattooed or you don't need to be tattooed at all’have not taken care of your tattoo.

C’That's why when the professional explains how to take care of your tattoos, you have to be concentrated.

To fix a tattoo that has been blown off, you have to go back to the salon to have it removed to make some touch-ups. If you have any doubts about your tattoo artist, find out about the best tattoo artists near you. Take good care of your tattoos following the advice of professionals.

How to remove a failed tattoo ?

Your tattoo is messed up or you can't get it anymore’assume ? Unfortunately, a color is not always the same’It does not lighten a color, it is the first element of the process’It is well known that. For those who are looking for a way to remove a tattoo from the body, you should know that’there are alternatives to get a tattoo.

The first method is that of the laser. It is practiced in a dermatology office. The laser will make the color pigments explode.

This series of treatments is not as well known’The pulse is painful and causes stinging and burning sensations. C’This is why you may be prescribed a laser treatment anesthetic cream that’It must be applied one hour before the session. Laser treatment can whiten the treated area or cause skin edema.

To stimulate the healing process, it is advisable to have an eye exam’apply a healing cream and wear an occlusive bandage for a few days. It will take several laser sessions, spaced out between 6 weeks and 2 months to make the tattoo disappear. In terms of price, you will have to break the piggy bank.

Indeed, removing a tattoo with a laser can cost a lot of money more than 2000 euros.

There is another alternative to get a tattoo removed. Some beauty institutes use lactic acid lactic acid to erase tattoos. This technique is more accessible in terms of price. You will have to pay an average of 90 to 250 euros per session, depending on the size of the tattoo. Aestheticians use a dermograph, which is the same instrument used for tattooing.

L’lactic acid is injected into the pigments and absorbs them.

Pigments come out on the surface and form a crust. L’ink will disappear during the healing process. This method is less known It is more effective than laser treatment, but it is also more dangerous, since the skin is more sensitive to light’Lactic acid is an element that our body produces itself but which will be injected in a chemical way.

In addition, the number of sessions is reduced compared to the laser technique. After about six weeks of healing, the skin is healthy and you can even get a new tattoo on the same area, because it is not a problem’there are no scars.

Failed tattoo, what to do so that it doesn't happen’arrives more

After an experience with a failed tattoo or an outdated tattoo, one can be tempted again and make an appointment for a new tattoo. However, to avoid reliving the misadventures related to failed tattoos, you must take some precautions:

  • Choose your tattoo artist with care It is the first element of the process’a successful tattoo, it is’is well worth it’artist ! Choose your tattoo artist carefully. For this, ask your friends and family, browse social networks, read reviews on Google, etc. Also remember to look at the pictures and to ask about the conditions of use’hygiene.
  • Think about the tattoo area It is sometimes difficult to know what to do and where to get a tattoo for a man. Some areas are convenient to tattoo, some are not’other minuses. The places where the skin is thin are risky areas, because the’ink may smudge. In addition, depending on your professional activity, it is possible to use laser lactic acid’It is up to you if your tattoo should remain discreet or even invisible. Cuffs are very pretty and trendy, but they are sometimes difficult to assume in everyday life.
  • Choose your design well Viking tattoo : the Viking tattoo is fashionable, but will it still be in a few years ? Since’a tattoo is supposed to stay on your skin for life, it would be a shame to regret and spend a fortune on laser sessions. Therefore, avoid boat quotes, girlfriends' names, portraits of your idols, etc. Opt for designs that represent you and that will represent you no matter what you say’it happens. When in doubt, try ephemeral tattoos.

Get a tattoo n’is not a decision to be taken lightly. The skin is marked for life. Even if’there are solutions to get a tattoo removed, they are not 100% effective. Moreover, each tattoo or tattoo removal technique can have side effects on the skin: bacterial infections, blisters, viral infections, allergies, etc.

So take the time to validate your decision And don't get a tattoo on a whim, you might regret it quickly.

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