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How much does a hair transplant cost ? 

Baldness, like alopecia, is a very common phenomenon that affects both men and women. The causes of the latter can be age, heredity or a more serious pathology. Wearing a wig can be a solution to hide these hair problems.

But it is also possible to proceed with a hair transplant in order to no longer be complexed by this lack of hair.

What is a hair transplant ?

A hair transplant is a method of hair implantation created in 1991. It consists in taking hair follicles from a patient in order to transplant them elsewhere on the skull. However, not all the hair in the body can be removed for this procedure.

In general, the surgeon will concentrate on those at the nape of the neck and the temples. Simply because these areas are not affected by hormones. This means that the grafts are not likely to fall out easily.

A grafting operation performed by this recognized professional can last from 3 to 6 hours per session. It often depends on the complexity of the areas to be covered.

During a hair transplant, the bulb will be replanted on the thinned parts of the scalp. This is often the case for areas such as the forehead or the tonsure. However, the implants may fall out after a few weeks. The real regrowth from the bulbs will generally appear around 3 months after the operation.

For this type of transplantation, the hair is grafted in small quantities in order to have a more aesthetic result.

Hair transplantation is an increasingly common practice. However, it requires specific surgical techniques. Therefore, it is essential to call upon a specialist to perform this procedure.

A dermatologist or a plastic surgeon may be involved.

What is a hair transplant?

What are the different types of grafts ?

Over the years, the methods used for the transplantation have changed hair transplant have been widely developed. By consulting a specialized surgeon, you can determine which one is best suited to your needs. But also, you will have the right solution that will match the nature of your hair.

Follicular Unit Extraction

Also known as FUE, the micrografting technique is the one that offers the most benefits to the patient. The principle is simple, as it consists of shaving the neck and removing the bulb with a microscopic scalpel. The microcylinder is so small that the scars will be invisible to the naked eye.

It is also possible to perform this graft using an automatic instrument to suck out the bulb. The micrograft can also be done through a visible shaving, in the form of micro-strips in tier.

The advantage of this method is that no incision is made on the scalp. However, the number of grafts implanted will be limited. Thus, the micrografting procedure is only suitable for people with thinning hair.

For a person with advanced baldness, it is better to turn to another technique.

The Follicular Unit Single Strip

In this method, the bulb is removed under a microscope. A wide and long strip at the nape of the neck will be cut by the surgeon. Then, the hair follicles will be harvested one at a time, or in small quantities, depending on the material used.

The reimplantation will be done "in disorder" and not "in row". Thus, the regrowth will be much more spaced out, which will give a natural effect when the healing is completed.

This second technique is more effective on baldness that has developed significantly. It allows the implantation of many grafts in a single session. The disadvantage is that the scars will be visible for a long time.

However, these will be covered by the hair.

What is the cost for a hair transplant ?

The price of a hair transplant varies according to several factors. Among them, there is the reputation of the surgeon who will perform the operation. The service of a recognized doctor will often be higher than that of a lesser known doctor.

The price of this operation will also depend on the surface to be covered. The more areas that need to be filled, the more expensive the operation will be.

The technique used to perform the hair transplant also influences the price of the operation. The price of an automated FUE starts from 1 800 euros per session. To cover a large enough area of the scalp, it is necessary to count approximately 3 000 euros for a FUSS session.

As for the micrografting technique, it is the most expensive and can cost up to 5,000 euros.

It is important to know that a single session is not always enough to fill a baldness. Thus, it is necessary to do up to 3 sessions to get the result you want. Therefore, it is important to plan a very large budget to carry out this surgical operation.

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