• Exhibition-promotional part
    with the possibility to buy and taste coffee and chocolate
  • B2B
    meeting place for different business entities of coffee and chocolate industry, place to exchange ideas, business contacts ...
  • Offer
    of equipment for preparing and serving coffee (grinders, appliances, cups, ...)
  • Offer
    of a variety of products related to coffee and chocolate: sweets, liqueurs, cocktails, spirits, cosmetics, books, wine
  • ART program live
    making of chocolate sculptures
  • DJ program
  • Workshops
    of latte art technique (the art of painting in a coffee cup)
  • Bars and restaurants
    theme nights of pairing food, wine and chocolate
  • Wine & Chocolate
    workshop of pairing chocolate and wine
  • Winebar Dobra vina
    theme dinner of pairing food, wine and chocolate
  • Center for food culture
    pastry workshops of making edible sweet gifts for Valentine's Day
  • Center for food culture
    theme culinary workshops in collaboration with the authors of the blog Jedozovni duo